CONTENTS H. W. COLLINGWOOD 1. Indian Pete's Christmas Gift HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN 2. The Fir-Tree HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN 3. The Last Dream of the Old Oak Tree HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN 4. The Little Match Girl HARRIET BEECHER STOWE 5. Betty's Bright Idea HARRIET BEECHER STOWE 6. Christmas In Poganuc HARRIET BEECHER STOWE 7. Christmas; or, The Good Fairy HARRIET BEECHER STOWE 8. The First Christmas of New England HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW 9. Christmas Bells HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW 10. The Three Kings HESBA STRETTON 11. The Ghost in the Clock Room JOHN MASEFIELD 12. Christmas JOHN MILTON 13. On the Morning of Christ's Nativity JOHN STRANGE WINTER 14. A Christmas Fairy JOSÉ MARÍA DE PEREDA 15. A Christmas Eve in Spain JULIA SCHAYER 16. Angela's Christmas JULIANA HORATIA EWING 17. The Peace Egg KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN 18. The Birds' Christmas Carol KATE DOUGLAS WIGGIN 19. The Romance of a Christmas Card KATHARINE LEE BATES 20. Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride KENNETH GRAHAME 21. Carol LOUISA MAY ALCOTT 22. A Christmas Dream, and How It Came to Be True LOUISA MAY ALCOTT 23. A Country Christmas LOUISA MAY ALCOTT 24. A Song for a Christmas Tree LOUISA MAY ALCOTT 25. Cousin Tribulation's Story LOUISA MAY ALCOTT 26. Tilly's Christmas LOUISA MAY ALCOTT 27. What the Bell Saw and Said LUCY MAUD MONTGOMERY 28. A Christmas Inspiration LUCY MAUD MONTGOMERY 29. Christmas at Red Butte LUCY MAUD MONTGOMERY 30. Uncle Richard's New Year Dinner M.E.S. 31. Christmas MARGARET E. SANGSTER 32. The Christmas Babe MARGERY WILLIAMS 33. The Velveteen Rabbit PETER CHRISTEN ASBJORNSEN 34. Round the Yule-Log: Christmas in Norway RALPH HENRY BARBOUR 35. A College Santa Claus ROBERT ERVIN HOWARD 36. ” Golden Hope ” Christmas ROBERT FROST 37. Christmas Trees ROBERT INGERSOLL 38. What I Want for Christmas ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON 39. Markheim ROSE TERRY COOKE 40. Christmas RUDYARD KIPLING 41. Christmas in India S. WEIR MITCHELL 42. Mr. Kris Kringle WILLA CATHER 43. A Burglar's Christmas WILLIAM DEAN HOWELLS 44. Christmas Every Day WILLIAM DEAN HOWELLS 45. The Night Before Christmas WILLIAM DEAN HOWELLS 46. The Pony Engine and the Pacific Express WILLIAM DEAN HOWELLS 47. The Pumpkin-Glory WILLIAM DEAN HOWELLS 48. Turkeys Turning The Tables WILLIAM HENRY DAVIES 49. Christmas WILLIAM J. LOCKE 50. A Christmas Mystery
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