Bertram Cope's Year- Henry Blake Fuller

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One of the earliest published works to explore the subject of homosexuality, ‘Bertram Cope's Year’ became the first of many books to later touch on homosexuality, such as ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ made into a film starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, and ‘The Great Gatsby,’ made into a film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.

The titular Bertram is working at a university, finishing up his thesis. While he is there, he attracts the romantic attention of three young women, two older men, and a society hostess. But who does Bertram’s heart belong to?

A delicately-written book, dealing with a topic that was considered scandalous at the time.

Born in Chicago, Henry Blake Fuller (1857 – 1929) was a composer, critic, author, and poet. Educated at the Allison Classical Academy, his teenage diaries are the earliest evidence of his homosexuality.

After graduating, he worked briefly as a businessman, before leaving for Europe. Italy made the greatest impression on him, and he was to return there many times.

While he was first known for writing unromantic stories about life in his birthplace, Fuller later took the brave step of writing a book, ‘Bertram Cope’s Year.’ This explored homosexuality on a philosophical level.

However, because of the subject matter, the book was turned down by every publisher in New York. Undeterred, Fuller published it himself.

After his death, this was to become his most acclaimed novel.
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