Charles Dickens Collection - Short Stories

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A collection of the best collected and uncollected short stories written by Charles Dickens. It contains:
• Uncollected Short Stories: The Lamplighter, Captain Murderer, To Be Read At Dusk, Hunted Down, Three Ghost Stories, George Silverman's Explanation, Holiday Romance - In Four Parts, Sunday Under Three Heads, The Cricket On The Hearth.
• Christmas Short Stories: A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story Of Christmas, A Christmas Tree, What Christmas Is As We Grow Older, Tom Tiddler's Ground, Going Into Society, Somebody’s Luggage, Mrs. Lirriper’s Lodgings, Mrs. Lirriper’s Legacy, The Wreck Of The Golden Mary, Dr. Marigold's Prescriptions, The Boots At The Holly-Tree Inn, The Seven Poor Travellers-In Three Chapters, The Perils Of Certain English Prisoners, Mugby Junction, The Holly-Tree—Three Branches, A Message From The Sea, The Chimes: A Goblin Story, The Christmas Goblins, The Poor Traveler, The Haunted Man And The Ghost’s Bargain.
• Sketches By Boz: Illustrative Of Every
• Day Life And Every-Day People
• Sketches Of Young Gentlemen
• Sketches Of Young Couples
• Mudfog And Other Sketches
• Master Humphrey's Clock
• Reprinted Pieces: The Long Voyage, The Begging-Letter Writer, A Child's Dream Of A Star, Our English Watering-Place, Our French Watering-Place, Bill-Sticking, 'Births. Mrs. Meek, Of A Son, Lying Awake, The Ghost Of Art, Out Of Town, Out Of The Season, A Poor Man's Tale Of A Patent, The Noble Savage, A Flight, The Detective Police, Three 'Detective' Anecdotes, On Duty With Inspector Field, Down With The Tide, A Walk In A Workhouse, Prince Bull. A Fairy Tale, A Plated Article, Our Honourable Friend, Our School, Our Vestry, Men Of Mooneymount, Our Bore, A Monument Of French Folly.





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