The Collected Prose Works of John Milton
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John Milton belongs to the most important English poets and prose polemicists ever. One of his biographs wrote about him: ”He was the greatest of all human beings: the noblest and the ennobler of mankind. He has steadily grown in the world's reverence, and his fame will still increase with the lapse of ages.” Contents: Of Reformation In England, And The Causes That Hitherto Have Hindered It. Of Prelatical Episcopacy, The Reason Of Church-Government Urged Against Prelaty. Animadversions Opon The Remonstrant's Defence Against Smectymnuus. An Apology For Smectymnuus. Of Education. Areopagitica: A Speech For The Liberty Of Unlicensed Printing. The Doctrine And Discipline Of Divorce; The Judgment Of Martin Bucer Concerning Divorce. Tetrachordon. Expositions Upon The Four Chief Passages Of Colasterion. A Reply To A Nameless Answer Against The Doctrine The Tenure Of Kings And Magistrates: Observations On The Articles Of Peace, The Portraiture Of His Majesty In His Solitudes And Sufferings. A Defence Of The People Of England, In Answer To Salmasius's Brief Notes Upon A Late Sermon, Titled, The Fear Of God And The King. The History Of Britain, That Part Especially Now Called England, Of True Religion, Heresy, Schism, Toleration; And What Best Means May Be Used Against The Growth Of Popery. A Brief History Of Moscovia, And Of Other Less Known Countries Lying Eastward Of Russia As Far As Cathay. A Manifesto Of The Lord Protector Of The Commonwealth Of England, Scotland, Ireland, &C. The Second Defence Of The People Of England, Against An Anonymous Libel Familiar Epistles, Translated From The Latin, By Robert Fellowes, A. M. Oxon.
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