Hand Me Downs- Kari Kilgore

610 Sidor


A Haunting Legacy
John and Branwen face challenges as a couple—his violent past and her unwanted pregnancy. Just when life threatens to overwhelm them, Branwen receives an offer of help from an unlikely source.
Now, John must face his lifelong fears to find the strength to fight an ancient power and save Branwen from her family legacy.
But first, John and Branwen must stop hiding things—from each other and from themselves—and learn to face the truth, no matter their fear of the consequences.
A haunting fantasy story about the lasting power of family legacy.
A page-turning tale of love and sacrifice.

An excerpt from Hand Me Downs:
John was in the grips of an insistent memory that wouldn’t let him rest.
Whenever an upsetting memory caught at him like this, especially from his difficult seventeenth year, John had learned long ago it was best not to resist. Something inside was going to have its way with him. Fighting would only make it worse.
This particular memory hadn’t demanded his attention for so long. Until tonight, he’d dared hope he was done with this one.
The odd solitude of an overnight flight was preferable to a huge family gathering for this sort of ordeal, and certainly better than the twisted filter of his nightmares.
At least while he was awake, he knew the worst night of his life was when he’d at last started to take control and change the course he was on.
His dreaming life gave him no such relief.




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