Heart of the West- O. Henry



This collection of nineteen short stories from O.Henry beautifully captures the spirit of the American West, crystallising the era of gunslingers and cowboys in a extremely poignant manner.

There are captivating moments of happiness, joy, love and sorrow throughout this tumultuous tour of brilliant characters. Nothing in the West is easy, and it becomes apparent that love is above all else the most important thing we can possess.

This importance of love is the overarching theme present in this collection and its prevalence in even the most dire of places. These tales possess O. Henry’s signature unexpected twists, and, in all, turn this collection into a compelling, and humorous read. Some of the stories included are "Hearts and Crosses", "The Caballero’s Way", and "Christmas by Injunction".

For those with the Wild West spirit, from lovers of the 'Magnificent Seven' to 'Red Dead Redemption' this book is for you.

William Sidney Porter (1862-1919), known simply as O. Henry, following his stint in prison, was a prolific American short story writer. His fame came exceptionally quickly and he became a bestselling author of short story collections, the most famous being "Cabbages and Kings", "The Voice of the City", and "Strictly Business." As a result of the outstanding literature legacy that O. Henry left behind, there is an annual award named after him, given to the authors of exceptional short stories.
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