Liberation is Here- Nikole Lim

4h 27min


As a freelance filmmaker, Nikole Lim's career allowed her to step in and out of the lives of marginalized people around the world. But when confronted with the prevalence of sexual violence in Kenyan and Zambian communities, she committed to advocating alongside the courageous survivors whose lives have intersected with her own. These women's powerful stories inspired her to embark on a new vocation.

Partnering with her Kenyan and Zambian sisters, Lim launched Freely in Hope, an organization focused on equipping survivors to end the cycle of sexual violence throughout Africa through faith, education, and self-empowerment. As Lim sought to provide liberation for her African sisters, her perspective was altered. Exhausted and deathly ill, she witnessed her friends becoming her healers-the once oppressed become her liberators.

Liberation Is Here transports listeners to forgotten corners of the world. From the slums of Nairobi, hospitals of Lusaka, killing fields of Kigali, and back alleys of Barcelona, Lim weaves together stories in a narrative of God's grace and healing amid fear and trauma. Her journey proves that liberation is not just near, but it is here-in the eyes of the broken, the hearts of the oppressed, and the untold stories of our global community.
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4h 27min
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