Losing Control- Mark Smeby

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This book is about surrendering to life as it is ... all of our out-of-control circumstances, challenging relationships, wavering faith, fluctuating self-image—and finding the awesomeness in it all, rather than being frustrated that things aren’t the way we think they should be. Resting in the mess.

This doesn’t come easy for me. I want to fix everything. And everyone. Because, when everything is fixed, then my life will be smooth sailing. I won’t have anything to worry about or manage. And, probably because I’m not absolutely perfect at fixing myself, most days I find it easier to try to fix other people. This isn’t about giving up on goals and dreams or rolling over and playing dead until the game is over. It’s also not about being weak, letting life bowl us over. It’s actually the opposite. It’s about moving through life with an intentional grace, surrendering to life as it is, accepting people and circumstances as they are, not as we want them to be. And then finding ways to use our passions and energy to insert love and truth into the world, unattached to expectations of how it should all turn out. We do this in order to see more clearly the marvelous in the mystery. To draw closer to other people, not further away. To live from our heart, rather than from our head. To not run from that which is messy or complicated, but to see the beauty in it.

My hope is that this book will help you say farewell to fear, insecurity, ego-driven decision making, self-pity, and regret. After we’ve thrown those ugly bits in the trash, let’s aim for the warm pools of joy and peace, which include greater acceptance of ourselves, others, our circumstances, and maybe even God. We will learn how to live with wide open hands of grace and love. That’s when the magic and beauty of life will truly come alive.

It all starts by letting things be a little out of control.





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