A fantastic new adventure in the world of the Edge Chronicles. These exciting new tales are ideal for those new to the Edge, or as an addition to the collection of any fan. They feature tales from each of the Edge trilogies: one from the time of Twig, hero of Beyond the Deepwoods, one from the time of Quint, Twig's father and hero of Clash of the Sky Galleons and one from the time of Rook, Twig's grandson. The tales star well known characters from the Edgeworld and also provide a tantalising glimpse into the book that will follow in 2008, the last Edge novel ever.

Also includes the stories CLOUD WOLF and THE STONE PILOT. These World Book Day tales are real favourites with fans and are asked for repeatedly since they have been unavailable.

Includes a beautiful fold-out timeline of the Edgeworld, linking all three trilogies together.

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