The strange Professor Challenger and his travel companions make astonishing discoveries during an adventurous expedition on a hidden plateau, a so-called Tepui, in the South American jungle. For here the time seems to have stood still, in total seclusion from the outside world. The initial astonishment soon turns into horror, because it comes to encounters of which no one of the participants ever had thought that they could be possible. --- ”The Lost World” is a novel by the British (Scottish) writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) who has become famous for his Sherlock Holmes stories. It was published in 1912. Doyle has developed his story of the discovery of a primeval world on the basis of careful scientific and historical research. His descriptions of the strange world and its inhabitants correspond to the research stage of the time of the creation of the work. This story from the Professor Challenger series by the famous writer Arthur Conan Doyle is the literary predecessor to the successfully „Jurassic Park“ books by Michael Crichton. The book is decorated with the illustrations of the original edition of 1912. The eBook corresponds to about 270 book pages.
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