Maniai Case File 1: The Girl And The Blood Slide- George Saoulidis



What If There's a Pattern to the Madness?

The Andromeda Strain meets Chinatown in this thrilling patchwork story.

More and more people are reported being obsessed with unusual tasks and tested positive for rabies. But when an investigator finds a pattern to the madness and tries to tell people, will anyone listen?

From ScifiSelect: "Makes you want to go looking for clues on your own."

From Seth: "The story... got me hooked the first second."

From Jenell Diegor: "…the pace was just right and the suspense was spectacular."

Do you want to know what’s next for the inexperienced investigator? Do you wanna meet the crazies? Then read this thrilling patchwork of the weirdest bio-scare ever encountered.

Categories: Novella, Series, Science Fiction, Medical Thriller, Mystery, Cyberpunk, Biopunk, Environmental, Adventure, Amateur Sleuth, Female Investigators, Metaphysical and Visionary, Greek Mythology, Gaea Hypothesis, Contagion, Plague, Corporations, Greece

What is the god complex universe?

The gods are back in town. Skyscrapers pop out of nowhere all over Athens. Corporations rename themselves as Greek gods. It all started with the Greek crisis of 2009 and will forever change the world as we know it.
Some say that CEO’s have gone mad. Others, that they know damn well what they are doing. That there is something solid amongst the myth. In the day of inter-connectivity and social media admiration, can the myths come back to life?

What happens when a corporation gets a god complex? Find out in our series of books on Kindle. Described as light cyberpunk, definitely sci-fi and with a fresh twist on Greek mythology.

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