The Pat Hobby Stories (Unabridged)
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A collection of humourous stories about unscrupulous film writer Pat Hobby, a relic from the early days of Hollywood, looking for success in the changing world of the movies. F. Scott Fitzgerald's collection paints a comic portrait of a man unwilling to accept his fate as a thing of the past, an artless, insensitive writer suffering as the decades leave silent film behind. Hobby is stuck in a world which doesn't respect its elders, particularly not those as lazy and scheming as he. LISTINGS: A Man in the Way, "Boil Some Water - Lots of it", Pat Hobby's Christmas Wish, No Harm Trying, Two Old Timers, The Homes of the Stars, Pat Hobby Does His Bit, Pat Hobby's Preview, Pat Hobby's Secret, Pat Hobby and Orson Welles, Pat Hobby Putative Father.
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