Do you need help managing your financial priorities? Relax! This friendly guide, now updated to include changes in the tax code, gives you just the information you need to take control of you finances. APersonal Finance for Dummies will inform both the financially troubled and those just starting out in the money making world how to manage money, deal with debt, and achieve financial stability. Personal Finance for Dummies, 5E, takes on the financial challenges of an increasingly technological world while continuing to provide the type of financial advice that has helped more than one million individuals to manage their personal finances so that they can achieve their lifestyle and financial goals. This edition will provide coverage of the new bankruptcy law; issues of identity theft; managing the growing costs of cell phones, beepers, Blackberries, satellite TV, and other widespread technologies; taming banking charges for use of ATMs and other services; looking into the realities of credit card rewards; surviving layoffs and evaluating early retirement deals; and more.

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