Dorian Gray is young and in great demand. He enjoys life to the full. He fervently desires to keep his youthful appearance forever. Instead of his, only his portrait on a painting should show the traces of aging. After Dorian Gray has separated from his fiancée because of an invalidity, she commits suicide. Then Dorian Gray notices some minor changes in the portrait painting. A hard pull is visible on the mouth. His wish has apparently come true. The traces of his actions no longer appear in his own face, but only in the portrait. Gray hides it in the attic of his house to be on the safe side. Dorian Gray acts more and more in a self-referential and ruthless manner. For many people he meets, he becomes a doom. None of this can be seen on his face. But the portrait becomes more and more ugly. Gray thinks about how to get rid of the dangerous proof of his actual personality. In „The Picture of Dorian Gray“ from 1890, Oscar Wilde thematizes the primacy of character over appearance. The bestseller was often filmed, set to music and presented on stage. The book´s size is about 280 pages. ABOUT THE BOOK SERIES The ApeBook Classics (ABC) bring to life famous and lesser known masterpieces of world literature in digital format. This means that even works that have almost been forgotten are preserved for cultural memory. apebook adheres to the highest standards in eBook production and offers you high quality, aesthetically pleasing classics at a fair price. Don't settle for cheap and loveless versions if you love good literature, instead choose low-priced but beautiful editions from a real publisher. With the ApeBook Classics you get professionally created eBooks that appreciate the literary value of their content through an appropriate design. Search for more ApeBook Classics titles to build your digital library by typing ”apebook” in the browse field. By the way, apebook also offers selected titles as paperback editions. And last but not least: apebook supports the environmental organization ”Save the rainforest”. By buying the books from our shop, you are doing the same. You can find a complete overview of the publishing programme at:
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