Rolling Stones- O. Henry



"Rolling Stones" is a collection of 23 short stories, 12 poems, and letters by O. Henry providing a general overview of his literary career. The collection is important for it provides some deep insight into the author’s later life. Filled with humorous, ironic remarks, and biting, though predominantly funny takes on life, society and its people, many of the collection’s short stories were unfortunately left incomplete or without a proper ending. Some of the stories included are "The Dream", "A Fog in Santone", "The Prisoner of Zembla", and the laughable spoof "A Snapshot at the President", where a reporter from Texas gets an interview with president Grover Cleveland. "Rolling Stones" provides a wondrous collection of thought provoking and vivid stories for reading or relaxation, perfect for a commute home or a cozy night by the fire.

William Sidney Porter (1862-1919), known simply as O. Henry, following his stint in prison, was a prolific American short story writer. His fame came exceptionally quickly and he became a bestselling author of short story collections, the most famous being "Cabbages and Kings", "The Voice of the City", and "Strictly Business." As a result of the outstanding literature legacy that O. Henry left behind, there is an annual award named after him, given to the authors of exceptional short stories.
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