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Two people, living two very different lives, find themselves on a rollercoaster ride towards the subject that brought them together. Along the ride Bruce, a 35 year old dot com millionaire and Connie, a few years younger nurse, struggeling to get by, experience numerous unexplainable encounters, leading them to even doubt their own sanity. The big question however is; are they prepared for what awaits them at their destination? Are they willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save not only a small boy’s life, but perhaps also what is left of civilization as we know it? And who is it that keeps texting them…? ”Började läsa Static och fängslades omedelbart – både av den spännande och klockrena internationella atmosfären och det härligt flytande språket, wow!” / Bodil Mårtensson ”Got my hands on the first edition as companion during last year’s summer vacation. I had a hard time letting go of static and just kept on reading. Just one more page… Why not make a movie based on static? Please do! Or at least make my day by writing on a follow up. Anders, what are you waiting for?” / Lars Taps
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