The Complete Works- Stephen Crane

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This unique and meticulously edited collection of Stephen Crane's greatest works includes: Novels and Novellas:_x000D_ The Red Badge of Courage_x000D_ Maggie: A Girl of the Streets_x000D_ George's Mother_x000D_ The Third Violet_x000D_ Active Service_x000D_ The Monster_x000D_ The O'Ruddy_x000D_ Short Stories:_x000D_ The Little Regiment and Other Episodes from the American Civil War:_x000D_ The Little Regiment_x000D_ Three Miraculous Soldiers_x000D_ A Mystery of Heroism_x000D_ An Indiana Campaign_x000D_ A Grey Sleeve_x000D_ The Veteran_x000D_ The Open Boat and Other Stories:_x000D_ The Open Boat_x000D_ A Man and Some Others_x000D_ The Bride comes to Yellow Sky_x000D_ The Wise Men_x000D_ The Five White Mice_x000D_ Flanagan and His Short_x000D_ Filibustering Adventure_x000D_ Horses_x000D_ Death and the Child_x000D_ An Experiment in Misery_x000D_ The Men in the Storm_x000D_ The Dual that was not Fought_x000D_ An Ominous Baby_x000D_ A Great Mistake_x000D_ An Eloquence of Grief_x000D_ The Auction_x000D_ The Pace of Youth_x000D_ A Detail_x000D_ Blue Hotel_x000D_ His New Mittens_x000D_ Whilomville Stories:_x000D_ The Angel Child_x000D_ Lynx-Hunting_x000D_ The Lover and the Telltale_x000D_ "Showin' Off"_x000D_ Making an Orator_x000D_ Shame_x000D_ The Carriage-Lamps_x000D_ The Knife_x000D_ The Stove_x000D_ The Trial, Execution, and Burial of Homer Phelps_x000D_ The Fight_x000D_ The City Urchin and the Chaste Villagers_x000D_ A Little Pilgrimage_x000D_ Wounds in the Rain – War Stories:_x000D_ The Price of the Harness_x000D_ The Lone Charge of William B. Perkins_x000D_ The Clan of No-Name_x000D_ God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen_x000D_ The Revenge of the Adolphus_x000D_ The Sergeant's Private Madhouse_x000D_ Virtue in War_x000D_ Marines Signalling under Fire at Guantanamo_x000D_ This Majestic Lie_x000D_ War Memories_x000D_ The Second Generation_x000D_ Great Battles of the World:_x000D_ Vittoria_x000D_ The Siege of Plevna_x000D_ The Storming of Burkersdorf Heights_x000D_ A Swede's Campaign in Germany_x000D_ The Storming of Badajoz_x000D_ The Brief Campaign Against New Orleans_x000D_ The Battle of Solferino_x000D_ The Battle of Bunker Hill_x000D_ Last Words:_x000D_ The Reluctant Voyagers_x000D_ Spitzbergen Tales_x000D_ Wyoming Valley Tales_x000D_ London Impressions_x000D_ New York Sketches_x000D_ The Assassins in Modern Battles_x000D_ Irish Notes_x000D_ Sullivan County Sketches_x000D_ Miscellaneous_x000D_ Other Short Stories_x000D_ Poetry:_x000D_ The Black Riders and Other Lines_x000D_ War is Kind
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