The Complete Works- Charles Lamb, Mary Lamb

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Essays of Elia is a collection of essays written by Charles Lamb, first published in book form in 1823, with a second volume, Last Essays of Elia, issued in 1833. The essays in the collection first began appearing in The London Magazine in 1820 and continued to 1825. The personal and conversational tone of the essays has charmed many readers. Lamb himself is the Elia of the collection, and his sister Mary is "Cousin Bridget." Charles first used the pseudonym Elia for an essay on the South Sea House, where he had worked decades earlier; Elia was the last name of an Italian man who worked there at the same time as Charles, and after that essay the name stuck. Tales from Shakespeare is an English children's book written by Charles and Mary Lamb in 1807. The book is designed to make the stories of Shakespeare's plays familiar to the young. Mary Lamb was responsible for the comedies, while Charles wrote the tragedies; they wrote the preface between them. Volume 1: Curious fragments, extracted from a commonplace-book which belonged to Robert Burton, the famous Author of "The Anatomy of Melancholy" Early Journalism Characters of Dramatic Writers, Contemporary with Shakspeare On the Inconveniences Resulting from Being Hanged On the Danger of Confounding Moral with Personal Deformity: with a Hint to those who have the Framing of Advertisements for Apprehending Offenders… Volume 2: Essays of Elia Last Essays of Elia Volume 3: Tales from Shakespeare The Adventures of Ulysses Mrs. Leicester's School The King and Queen of Hearts Poetry for Children Three Poems Not in "Poetry for Children" Prince Dorus Volume 4: Rosamund Gray, Essays, Etc. Poems Album Verses, With a Few Others Volume 5: The Letters of Charles and Mary Lamb (1796-1820) Volume 6: The Letters of Charles and Mary Lamb (1821-1842)



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