The Unwritten Rules- John Beeson

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As predictable career paths have become extinct in most organizations, managers aspiring to the C-level job are often left to their own devices to determine how to advance their careers. Even in companies that devote considerable time to succession planning and talent development, the messages to aspiring executives are often vague and contradictory. In some cases your boss may find it hard to articulate exactly what it is that is holding you--an otherwise top performing managerback from promotion. In other cases the issues affecting your ability to move up the ladder have been discussed and identified by your superiors, but they hesitate to provide direct feedback for fear of de-motivating a valued manager the company doesnt want to lose. What youneed is real guidance on what the "make or break" issues are when it comes to your career success. Top executive coach John Beeson argues that while, politics, personal relationships and even cronyism do on occasion play a role in executive placements, more often such decisions are made based on the decision makers intuitive sense of whether or not a manager can succeed at higher levels within the organization. In this practical and insightful book, Beeson de-codes these leadership criteria--the unwritten rules--that companies use to make decisions about who gets promoted versus those whose careers become stalled. He identifies and describes the six selection factors that are imperative for any senior leader to lead effectively at the executive level: Demonstrating strategic skills: the ability to generate winning strategies, create a sense of direction for the organization, and engage others behind that vision of the future. Building a strong management team: the ability to identify and attract talent. Managing implementation: the ability to move from strategy to executionwithout being pulled too deeply into the details of implementation. Exhibiting the capacity for innovation and change: the ability to depart from the status quo and lead large-scale change when circumstances require it. Working across organizational boundaries: the ability to work with and through others across the company to get things done. Projecting executive presence: the ability to quickly establish your credibility as a senior leader. Filled with the stories of managers who successfully climbed up the executive ladderand some who struggled and failed to achieve their career goalsThe Unwritten Rules will provide the information you need to sharpen your leadership capabilities and maximize your chances of getting that next promotion.
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5h 29min
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