This Side of Paradise- F. Scott Fitzgerald



What happens when love is warped by greed and status seeking? This a look into contemporary American adolescence and young manhood.

"This Side of Paradise" is the first novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, exploring the difficult lives and values of the American youth after the First World War. It is written in a semi-autobiographical tone, presenting the handsome and idealistic student Amory Blaine, coming from a well-to-do family. The narrative strictly follows his ups and downs, love episodes, and interior life in such a way as to use him as a symbol of a whole generation. It is the novel that skyrocketed Fitzgerald’s fame and made possible his marriage to Zelda.

An extremely lyrical and passionate tale, "This Side of Paradise" is a must-read for fans and scholars of Fitzgerald and American literature.

F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) is one of the greatest American novelists of the 20th century and author of the classics ‘Tender is the Night’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’. His writing helped illustrate the 1920s Jazz Age that he and wife Zelda Fitzgerald were in the centre of.

"The Great Gatsby" has been made into many film adaptations over the years with the most notable one being from 2013, and with an all-star cast such as Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic), Tobey Maguire (Spiderman), and Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn)
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