The Wisdom of the Trail

- Jack London



A group of desperate prospectors, hungry and exhausted. Will the promise of gold keep them from each other’s throats?

It’s the late 1800s, and thousands are flocking to Canada’s Klondike region in the hopes of striking it lucky. "The Wisdom of the Trail" follows a small group of Americans and indigenous people, traveling a dangerous trail. The weather is icy cold and their supplies are running low. With frustrations beginning to bubble over, this treasure hunt could soon turn into a bloodbath.

Set in the same snowy landscape as his classic "The Call of the Wild", this is one of Jack London’s leanest, most intense adventures.

Jack London (1876–1916) was one of the first American writers to achieve worldwide celebrity. He did so with rugged adventure stories set in forbidding landscapes. And heroes who survive by embracing their most primal instincts.

His breakthrough best seller was "The Call of the Wild". Inspired by his time in the Klondike Gold Rush, this hard-hitting novel is told from the perspective of a sled dog named Buck. It’s inspired many adaptations, including a big-budget movie starring Harrison Ford.

Among London’s other notable works are "White Fang", also featuring a canine protagonist, as well as "The Sea-Wolf", "Martin Eden" and "The Iron Heel".
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